Cheese and Potato (Savoury at its Best)

Our pancake is made with potato and chives, then sprinkled with cheese and cooked to a golden crust. Served with sour cream and salad.


Pancake Parma

(Pappa’s Best Kept Secret)

Farmer’s Special

This pancake is made with potato and chives, then sprinkled with corn off the cob and served with our delicious chicken in white wine sauce.


Crepe Hawaii (A Sunday Lunch Delight)

Two lightly browned crepes filled with champagne ham, tasty cheese, diced tomatoes and topped with sour cream and chives.


Chicken Crepe (A Touch of Class)

Marinated in our own combination of herbs, white wine, cheese and a selection of mustards, rolled in two pillows of crepe, and served with a touch of parmesan cheese.


All served with gourmet salad.





Jamaican Banana (Oasis Dream)

Two butter pancakes topped with golden fried banana and a hint of cinnamon, dribbling with maple syrup and a choice of cream or ice-cream.




Two pancakes served with a combination of blue berries, boysenberries and strawberries laid over your choice of cream or ice-cream.


Bavarian Apple (A Winter Warm Up)



Stewed, sliced apple, lightly spiced with nutmeg, laid over two pancakes, garnished with cinnamon sugar and maple syrup, served with cream or ice-cream.


Short Stack (Light and Easy)

Two butter milk pancakes topped with your choice of ice-cream, whipped butter, maple syrup, strawberry jam, lemon sugar, or all of the above.


Brandy Apricots (St. Bernard’s Delight)

Apricots marinated over four days in our delicious brandy-sugar syrup, served warm over two butter milk pancakes, topped with cream or ice-cream.


All of the above can be served with a single pancake to suit your budget.

Two pancakes topped with ham, melted cheese and served with a choice of Napoli sauce, Bolognaise sauce or Mushroom gravy.


Forest Berries
(The Robin Hood’s Feast)